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Z/contactless convenience

Contactless convenience is a trend enabled by internet connected devices and allows for a faster transaction (in its most generic sense: exchange of value) without the need for human interaction directly.

It is pervasive across most service industries but has also started to take on in more traditional industries

Some examples

banking online services is taking over an industry that had a strong physical presence, we digital first disruptors or adapting incumbents (as of 2021).

groceries with online groceries, or contactless payments and self cash out to the natural next step - walk in a shop and walk out with what you need (without interacting with anyone) (see Amazon Go)


with e-commerce (shopify, amazon) (source)

fitness with Peleton or Apple Fitness+

restauration no interaction needed with takeaways (doordash, uber eats, deliveroo)

hospitality Airbnb - with payments in the app & often access codes to a property